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Welcome to the future!

This wiki should give an overview of the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) and belong to our Skype Group for AI and ML.

Here we share resources which are free of charge and also give an overlook about Commercial Projects inside companies. Our mission is to improve AI systems and create human-computer interaction interfaces and give you a prediction of the future.

NEWS Section

A.I. (Retargeting & StyleGAN)


Overview over Current A.I. Projects

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Neuronale Networks

Field Last News
Speech Recogition / Simulation (Assistants)
Images A.I. Generated Persons which does not Exist
Instance Segmentation
Videos Fake of Barak Obama (replacing Faces in Videos)
Musik Piano Realtime Performance (generate piano music in the style of famouse persons)
Translation 2019/03 - Skype include since Version 8 the real-time speech2speech translator between 2 persons
Detection 6d object detection in Space with PoseCNN used by Nvidia
Simulation simulation or real Human Robots
Retargeting retargeting
Selfdriving Cars Open Source Solution to run Your Car Itself with Android Smartphone
Emotion Emotion Detection
Tracking Nvidia create with PoseCNN an Tracking System
MindReading Japan create an image (edges + colors) from thoughs with an MRT
IQ Semantic Calculator (Stemming, Classifikation & Regression)
Style Transfer

Basics to Understand how A.I. Works

Field Description
Compression De- & Encoding with Neuronal Networks
Web AI Demos tensorflow.js
History of AI

Newest Hardware (2019)

CPU TPU Quantum Computer
 : tpu.jpg 132724-153614-i_rc.jpg googles-quantenprozessor.jpg
DARPA (2006) Google Google
(Graphen Stream) 1 THz v3 (420 Teraflops) 72 Qbits
Google Offer us to get (21 PetaFlops) through up to 110 Cloud TPUs simultaneously.
5 on-demand Cloud TPU v3 devices (420 teraflops)
5 on-demand Cloud TPU v2 devices (180 teraflops)
+ 100 on-demand Cloud TPU v2 devices (free for 30 days) (3600 teraflops)

Summit des Oak Ridge National Laboratory the first of the TOP500 of Worlds Supercomputer has 148,6 PFLOPS.

A teraflop refers to the capability of a processor to calculate one trillion floating-point operations per second. Saying something has “6 TFLOPS,” for example, means that its processor setup is capable of handling 6 trillion floating-point calculations every second, on average.

Factor Name Symbol
10∧24 yotta Y
10∧21 zetta Z
10∧18 exa E
10∧15 peta P
10∧12 tera T
10∧9 giga G

Uncategorized Collections

We collect free of charge resources as much as documentation and videos of ai previews. Here we share links to free of charge resources given from Companys to speed up AI development.

4 DEV's


Find/Offer Jobs inside A.I. and ML IMPORTANT: Before you train an AI model on your own please ask first in the group if anyone has pre-trained ai models, anything else is a waste of time and resources. thx


2013 we were already able to simulate 1% of the human brain 1 second of the activity we are able to simulate within 40 minutes with 1,73 Mrd neurons which are connected with 10,4 trillion synapses.

to simulate it we use a supercomputer with 82.944 cpus with 1 billarden operation per second How long will it take us to simulate a brain in real time?

In 2020 an 1000 $ computer can simulate the Human Brain.

an interesting prediction from Ray Kurzweil about A.I.

first rule of IT

always create a backup

so pls be sure that everything you write is also on a file of your computer or on a cloud storage

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