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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Object-recognition / tracking / tracing

the Holo-deck test environment


we are working with research scientist on a way to generate the face and body structure from photos and live cam to exchange the robot with a generated self view.

on the photo you can see a treadmill that moves with the speed of you walk into the opposite direction,

the treadmill was a hard work of engineering to predict the next steps so that it feel smooth.

Speech Synthese with Original Voices


by our Partner Adobe using a GAN (generative adversarial network)

Improving Google and be Improved by

» Google Cloud Plattform (No Limits)

Servers often reach limitations, less memory, CPU or even to less band wide we’d like to remove all this limits, scale your projects over a huge cluster infrastructure (more than 75.000 Servers per Country) all over the world. Our goal is to give you easy access to this service as easy as starting a search request inside Googles search engine.

» YouTube Steaming Optimization

Reducing data transmission rate and reducing load on battery is our goal when we start creating the idea of a new multimedia streaming protocol, we’d like to optimize the transferring speed and quality to the hardware and reduce the load by prevent the trans-coding from videos in background tabs when a smartphone is locked, the display is disabled or the user is surfing while listening to music.

» Google Maps enhancement

interpolation of the current position with data from the passenger information system

» Artificial Intelligence

Emotion Recognition can help to improve Machine Learning from Artificial Intelligence.

Our research includes the coming possibility with A.I technology, how to teach a machine through machine learning with human-computer interaction emotions and use this information to easily improve other Google services like YouTube and the Google Assistant.

 Bildergebnis für thinci prozessor

Visit and try it yourself.

Ähnliches Foto GraphenCarbon Nanotubes as superconductor for – SMAS – magnetic energy storage.

» Nanotechnology

Graphen: Used for Transistors / CPU’s with >100 Ghz

» Future Technology (Cooling System) and maybe Aircraft drive

Solid State Fan’s now existing since more than 8 years. We try to enhanced this technology to get flying drones without moving parts working. We try to stay in contact with the founders of this Project, the current AirSpeed is 3 m/s. There were some problems while testing of the first prototypes, you can call it the lightbulb problem… the atmospheric plasma reduce the lifetime from the devices. We’d like to improve this technology.

Holographics through Plasma (Laser technology)

Links for Patentresearch

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Google Trends


DARPA Navigation alternative to GPS with an inertia sensor

Graphene-Stream-Prozessor (DARPA 2016) with 1THz

Intel:2 THz

AMD 3,3 THz-Transistors

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have the goal of a 1 THz CPU

CEO Van Cook show on Hot Chips

Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) ThinCI – CEO Dinakar Munagala

next generation optical 1 PHz Transistor