stands for professionelle surrounding solutions

We offer tailor-made business concepts for global operating companies that are tailored to the company’s areas of expertise and overlap with the existing product range or a complementary product to expand the portfolio of the company that hires us to help them position themselves first in the market with a new idea.

We can help you to be the first to market with a New Idea, to stand out from the crowd with improvements and to emphasize unique selling propositions to position your brand globally in the market.

50% of the revenues generated by the company’s concepts and related follow-up projects are currently paid to companies.

As we have recognized the importance of reacting quickly to customer needs, we continuously monitor the market to protect you and ourselves from surprises through new trends.

We only help companies that have a customer ranking of at least 4 stars in the customer feedback system we developed for Google Maps.

For StartUp’s

After you have taken the first hurdles as a start-up, the growth of your company may stagnate, please contact us in this case and arrange a first consultation appointment, this can also be done by phone. Please send us some details such as the number of employees, the business areas and existing advertising material so that we can get a first impression. In the further course of the application process one of our employees can optionally go through the application process with you and take a closer look at internal processes. We work together with large companies and can arrange cooperation without losing the rights to your ideas.