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HG-System (founded in 2006) is the center for development of modern technologies.

Our Mission: provide the latest technologies on the cyber lanscape.

Our Vision: providing the best communication and computer interaction in the internet of things.

IT Service & Infrastructure Management & A.I. development

We are well connected to international and interdisciplinary teams from scientists from several country’s, who are working on the next generation technology and integrate new ideas to make them sucessfull.

  • surrounding it solutions
  • research of new technology
  • hard & software development
  • help for education projects and startups
24/7 IT Support

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We helped to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

Our ways are not always strait. We look left and right we keep our child’s mind and be able to build what we can imagine.

The way we will speed up invention.

By writing us: [< your projectname >] @ hg-system.com we will connect you to persons based on your description wo are researching in this area and help you to be sucessfull connected.

Patents are directly assign to the group of people who are involved.

Lets Make the Earth to a better Place with new Ideas.